EPTA VTLG – Emulsion depigmentation regulator 50 ml airless

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EPTA VTLG for Skin Hypopigmentation

Skin Hypopigmentation is manifested by white spots on the body or face. It is a disease associated with the disappearance of melanocytes, the skin cells responsible for the production of melanin. The hypopigmented spots do not cause any physical sensations: they are neither itchy nor painful.

The condition is not contagious, but people affected are constantly looking for effective solutions to regain a uniform complexion and improve their quality of life, both from an aesthetic and psychological point of view.

EPTADERM has developed EPTA VTLG, which, thanks to its formulation, protects the skin from oxidative stress and stimulates melanin synthesis, providing the skin with all the elements needed. Furthermore, its airless system optimally preserves its precious formula and texture.

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